Be a ballerina

On Thanksgiving 2022 (20221124), I thought of my daughter’s wish for me, shared when we went to dance and exercise at the rooftop in the late afternoon of 20221123. She wished that I were a ballerina so I could teach her how to dance.

Though I am not as flexible as I wish, I managed to find the right* ballet school for her this year. Compared to the girls in her class of 8, she was a relatively late started but it does not matter as long as one is passionate and willing to learn.

*In terms of fee, it’s relatively affordable compared to other dance schools. In terms of discipline, I appreciate the teachers’ dedication. Wow! I have accepted that I, unlike my father with leadership charisma, have no authority over my children. It’s better to outsource teaching them consistency and repetitiveness to teachers whom they respect.

I was also delighted that on 20221021, both of us watched a 2016 animation film entitled Ballerina or Leap! in the US. She has since liked and been inspired by the main heroine, Félicie, a poor orphan girl who dreams of becoming a ballerina.

May you persevere in your efforts to learn dancing gracefully. Amen!